Nowadays most of the enterprises are moving to the containerized solutions from the virtualization due to its popularity and tons of benefits. As we all know they start and stop much faster than virtual machines, they have higher portability, can be quickly added or removed in the environment, can run on any type of platforms, smaller than the VMs, etc. majorly can be considered as it’s plus points.

Although the concept of containerization has a long history, it has attracted attention with the release of Docker as an open-source project in 2013. Linux Containers can have multiple management interfaces like…

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When the code executes smoothly, no one cares about testing it assuming their code is perfect and without any mistakes. So whenever the code breaks they have to put full effort to find out from where it breaks and why it breaks. It is not an easy task but very time-wasting and costly work.

Unit Testing is a great method that ensures the code is performing well as expected and it is an early bug-detection way which can be used for our development use cases in any kind of platforms.

With the latest 7.0.0 release of WSO2 Integration Studio, we…

What is Software Integration and Why?

Nowadays integration is very useful for enterprises to simplify a very complex functionality into a tiny one. When considering the definition of Software Integration, it is the process of connecting/integrating different sub-systems, modules, services or components into a single larger system that functions as one unit. The main benefit of using software integration is organisations can speed-up their applications in runtime and can reduce the operational costs and maintenance cost of the applications. …

Hi all, In previous EPI I have explained you how I created separate modules with routes to deal with different URLs.

Previous EPI

To integrate firebase to application, I have created a user account in Firebase console. Then I have enabled Email/Password provider in SIGN-IN METHOD. There are more sign in method features provided by firebase and if you want to integrate those, such as Facebook, Gmail just click enable button.

choose Email/Password provider

Next, we can find our configuration in the project settings on our dashboard. There have access to all the necessary information: secrets, keys, ids and other properties. …

As mentioned in previous article, here I’m going to explain how I achieved authentication mechanism in ChainKeeper using Firebase Real Time Database and React JS. Before that if you want to refer my previous blog you can check it with following link. :)

Previous EPI

Before going to implementation with firebase I have created several pages to maintain the modularity in the application. Therefore, let’s see the React Router first before diving into Firebase and the authentication afterward.

I have created separate “src/constants/routes.js” file to save constant paths.

export const SIGN_UP = '/signup';
export const SIGN_IN = '/signin';
export const LANDING =…

In the previous article I have told you how much I excited to selected as a participant in GSoC 2018.

Previous EPI

Here is the second article of my GSoC experiences with SCoRe Lab. This article is based on the project that I’m going to contribute in GSoC 2018. According to the GSoC calendar we are now in “Students Work on their Projects” stage. In Community Bonding period we need to be friendly with our organisation, with our mentors etc. As well as we need to get more information about our project during that period. …

I had a big dream of my programming life to participate for GSoC. I have heard about GSoC with my first year from my seniors. Finally, my dream became true this time thanks to SCoRe Lab. In last week of the April (23rd) 2018, I have got an email mentioned that I have selected for Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2018 student for SCoRe Lab organization. I’m very excited to select as a participant in GSoC 2018.

I applied for ChainKeeper project in SCoRe Lab. I’m the first member who going to contribute for this project. ChainKeeper is a web…

From the previous tutorial we have discussed how to configure the WSO2 DAS or DS before deploy to the integration cloud.

Tutorial 1

In this tutorial lets see how to push WSO2 DAS or DS as docker image and pull it on the WSO2 Integration Cloud custom docker instance.

Lets us first start with the overall flow of docker, which goes like this,

  1. You need to create a Dockerfile with step by step instructions
  2. Then you need to use docker build command to create a docker image based on the Dockerfile that you have created in point 1.
  3. Then you…

As my first internship project at WSO2, Inc I got the chance to develop engineering effective dashboard using WSO2 Dashboard Server (DS). After all the work done in dashboard side it should have to deployed in WSO2 integration cloud-custom docker. It was a challenge for our team. But finally we did it. Here I explain what are the steps of deploying DS or DAS on custom docker in WSO2 integration cloud.

Step 1:-

Login into WSO2 integration cloud then click on the CREATE NEW APPLICATION, then select Custom Docker Images, fill the following form and create the app.

Sajitha Liyanage

Software Engineer @ WSO2 | Open Source Contributor | Computer Science Graduate @ UCSC

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